About Natasha

Hey foodie fam and welcome to my blog Nati’s Kitchen. It brings me so much joy that you’ve made that click and landed on this page! My name is Natasha but my family and friends (now you!) like to call me Nati amongst a few other nicknames. But Nati is my favorite! 

I like to say I was born a vegetarian into a Puerto Rican family. If you know anything about Puerto Ricans and our food culture, claiming you didn’t like meat from an early age resulted in so many “Que le pasa a esta nena!?” I’ve been exploring the world of plant-based eating since 2017 when I switched from a life-long mostly vegetarian eater to a full-time vegan! 

In my culture, food is what brings our families together. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, anniversary, a boxing match or simply breakfast at Abuela’s house–it’s what creates an opportunity for everyone to truly connect, share laughter, dance and continue to pass down traditions, year after year. So for me, food has always brought me a sense of “home.” A place for total creative and expressive freedom. Where I can develop new recipes, dance to my favorite tunes and fill up my cup knowing that as a result, my family, friends and community will share deeper, more meaningful connections. That my friends, is why I started Nati’s Kitchen.

Here you will find a variety of wholesome and delicious vegan dishes that I hope will inspire you to try and make at home! I also hope to support others in exploring wholesome, plant-based eating and living. Whether it’s your full-time dietary preference or not, I invite you to take a risk, try a dish or two out and see what your taste buds say. Buen provecho!

When I am not cooking or blogging, you can usually find me sipping an oat milk latte, hanging out with my handsome hubby, Thomas, practicing yoga, exploring a new country, shopping at the farmer’s market or hanging out with family and friends!

I would LOVE to see the food that you’re making. If you’re as excited about your food as I am, it will bring me so much joy if you tag @natashabekkers in your Instagram photos and stories! I’d love to make weekly shout-outs on Instagram Story.